an infinite space for your big ideas
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an infinite space for your big ideas


Natural interaction (6DoF controllers) in an immersive environment (relaxing setup to induce state of flow) with work related content (e.g. Github issues, photos of work posters and post-it notes) to be freely organised in visual categories (e.g. kanban).

UX flow for demos and tests

new user on phone without own photos :

  1. visit and get redirected to
  2. upload photos
  3. generate a personalised link
  4. share that link to target device (e.g. Firefox Send Tab to Devices on Oculus Quest)
  5. experience on device
  6. remove device and visit 2D links e.g.

returning user on 6DoF device

  1. visit 1 ...

new user on 6DoF device

  1. visit 1 ...


  • frontend : mostly index.html but also to prepare a session setup/index.html and flat.html to review after (and before the next)
  • backend : setup/server/upload.php



Property and rights

Iterative Explorations SCS based in Belgium